A New Chapter

Today is the first day of me being a home owner!

I closed this morning and then spent the day cleaning, calling utility companies, shopping, then changed the locks.

I have a house!

Since last week when I found out the closing date, I feel like a different person. I’m waking up earlier, getting more done at night like meal prep and exercising, and keeping up with the dirty dishes. I’m mostly proud of myself for getting up early and having a more relaxing morning before rushing off to work.

I can’t wait to start living in my first house and start thinking about the next steps I want to take in life. I’m planning on getting a dog in the short term. The house has 3 bedrooms, so there’s definitely room to grow.

It looks like I won’t be traveling much this year, but it will be worth it when I become a dog mom and get to take my dog hiking in the park nearby!

A New Chapter

Feeling stuck

Ok first, I have to say that Ghostbusters was hilarious and I’ll probably be buying it on DVD. Every moment was hilarious. Now that that’s out of the way…

I had a rough day at work Friday that kind of dragged me down on Saturday. Even though the events at work had nothing to do with my life situation, they managed to kill my general good mood.

Lately it feels like I’m stuck where I am. Every time a decent-looking apartment becomes available, the listing is gone before I can even go look at it. There are a lot of houses for sale, but I’m worried about buying a house and then not being able to sell it, or losing a ton of money if I try to move a few years later. I keep reminding myself that I have to wait, that things are going to change down the road, but it’s hard to keep still right now.

At work there’s a long term project that doesn’t have an end in sight. I wish we could wrap it up so I could put it on my resume and move on to a better job.

I’m getting really frustrated because I want it to be 4 years in the future.

I had some thoughts about buying some sperm and trying to get pregnant this year… but it’s really not the right time. A lot of things could happen this year and it would be very difficult with a baby. Moving, training a new dog, maybe starting a new job, studying for the big test in December. Also my cousin is pregnant after trying for a couple years, so my having a baby on my own might steal a little bit of her thunder. Don’t want to overshadow her with the scandal I know that will cause. The baby will be born in November so I don’t have long to wait if I really wanted to try to get pregnant. It would be a shame to have to change the name of this blog, but if if worse comes to worse that’s what I’ll do.

One week later and no word from that boy I went on a date with. He doesn’t seem like the type that texts a lot, so it’s not surprising. At least I got it over with and my parents can’t say I didn’t try.


Feeling stuck