2017 Recap

So it’s almost the end of 2017 and it has been a big year of changes. I like to take a look back at my resolutions and see how I did at the end of the year.

  • Read more non-fiction books

This did not happen at all. I barely have time to read now. I think I read maybe three books the entire year. It has been bittersweet to lose my reading time, and maybe I’ll get it back soon.

  • Buy a house

This actually did happen! I found the perfect little house near my job. It was the right price so I went for it. I definitely miss having a landlord to take care of all the little things that go wrong, but not having someone living underneath or above me anymore is great. I also have a nice sized yard which is hard to come by as a renter. Getting a house gave me the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream of getting a puppy. Taking care of a puppy was probably the most work I have ever done (besides getting my degree) and it’s still a lot of work. I had to grow a lot really fast and I have never felt more like a responsible adult.

  • Change diet to exclude dairy (I think it’s giving me stomachaches)

This has been very hard. I have compromised by taking a lactase enzyme pill before eating dairy (if I can remember). My diet changed a lot this year. I cut out a lot of carbs and started eating salad for lunch instead of pre-made frozen meals from the grocery store. Combine that with walking a dog 4-5 times a day and I lost 30 pounds! I also jogged about an hour every day as well when the weather was nice. I did not start the year trying to lose weight but I’m glad I did. I even got the doctor to finally change my high blood pressure medicine. I hope I can lose some more weight and get it lowered even more.

  • Try to date

This surprisingly worked out. I joined Match.com (I got gifted a subscription) and met a guy that lives near me. There aren’t very many nice guys left, but this guy is really sweet and easy to talk to. He isn’t perfect, but I’ve seen what else is out there and it’s nice to find someone that isn’t full of themselves or condescending to me. I don’t know if it can last but I want to see how long we can make it.

  • Study Japanese (undecided on taking JLPT in December)

Did not study and did not take JLPT.

  • Go to more baseball games

My baseball game buddy moved away and now I’m stuck watching them at home and texting her during the game. I haven’t worked up the courage to go to a baseball game by myself yet.

  • Donate to charity and volunteer my time

I didn’t get to volunteer but I did donate some money to the local homeless shelter and participated in fundraising for the hurricane victims in Texas and Florida. I wanted to donate so much more money but I had to really tighten my budget in order to save money.

So to sum up 2017, my life is really different now. I own a home, but with more freedom comes more responsibility. I got a dog that keeps me so busy I don’t have time to read much anymore (or watch TV, or hang out with my friends, or study…) but we do other things like play at the park and take long walks. And hopefully as she gets older I’ll get more time to pursue my hobbies. I am dating a nice guy finally, but I am not disconnected from reality and not willing to settle. And I am hopeful for 2018!

2017 Recap

2017 New Year’s Resolutions

Only 3 more years until I start TTC. Counting down makes getting older a little easier. And having the back up plan makes rejection easier.

This year’s goals:

  1. Read more non-fiction books
  2. Buy a house
  3. Change diet to exclude dairy (I think it’s giving me stomachaches)
  4. Try to date
  5. Study Japanese (undecided on taking JLPT in December)
  6. Go to more baseball games
  7. Donate to charity and volunteer my time

Those are the main goals. I don’t have any plans to travel yet, but if the opportunity arises I would love to go to Orlando and visit Harry Potter World. I’m planning a big trip in 2018 so I need to save my money.

I am really dreading trying dating again, but I got a subscription to a paid website for Christmas. It’s only for 3 months. I think I’ll activate in March when the weather starts to get nice again. I haven’t tried a paid website yet so maybe it will be a different experience. I don’t really think anything is going to come of it, but as they say, you miss all the shots you don’t take.






2017 New Year’s Resolutions