House stuff

I feel like I’m driving my parents nuts constantly calling them about my house, so I’m going to have to write some stuff here just to get it out. I wish I had someone to live with that I could talk to… Anyway. After I moved in I discovered that the refrigerator was broken. I called my home warranty company and they sent a service technician. I was hoping it was a simple fix, but the repair is basically the cost of a new fridge. So I talked to the home warranty company again and they are giving me some money toward a new fridge. They would have repaired it with no cost to me (except a deductible), but the repair wasn’t scheduled until April 7th. I was already without a fridge for a week, I couldn’t imagine going two more weeks with no fridge. So yesterday after the technician left, I found a fridge I liked and got it scheduled for delivery this Monday.

Leading up to this I spent all week worrying about buying a new fridge and just couldn’t find anything that I liked. Somehow the stars aligned and I found a fridge that had all of the features I liked and needed that was a reasonable price. Home ownership is stressful! There has already been some tears driving home from the home improvement store. I’m so glad I’ll finally have a working fridge on Monday.

This house is going to be keeping me busy for as long as I have it I think. I am obsessed with home improvement and interior design now. The home improvement store has become my favorite place to shop. Usually I am very stingy with my money, but I have no problem spending money on my house. Within reason of course. Right now I am trying to convince myself that I don’t NEED real marble in my house… but it’s so pretty!

I’m almost completely moved in, but a lot of stuff is still in boxes. The old apartment needs to be cleaned top to bottom before March 31st. I think I will get my deposit back in full, my landlord is super nice and they’ve always complimented how well I treated the apartment. As soon as I get the deposit back I will start paying off the new fridge.

I’m going to have to write more in this blog so I can vent about the house and save my parents’ sanity.

House stuff

A New Chapter

Today is the first day of me being a home owner!

I closed this morning and then spent the day cleaning, calling utility companies, shopping, then changed the locks.

I have a house!

Since last week when I found out the closing date, I feel like a different person. I’m waking up earlier, getting more done at night like meal prep and exercising, and keeping up with the dirty dishes. I’m mostly proud of myself for getting up early and having a more relaxing morning before rushing off to work.

I can’t wait to start living in my first house and start thinking about the next steps I want to take in life. I’m planning on getting a dog in the short term. The house has 3 bedrooms, so there’s definitely room to grow.

It looks like I won’t be traveling much this year, but it will be worth it when I become a dog mom and get to take my dog hiking in the park nearby!

A New Chapter

2017 New Year’s Resolutions

Only 3 more years until I start TTC. Counting down makes getting older a little easier. And having the back up plan makes rejection easier.

This year’s goals:

  1. Read more non-fiction books
  2. Buy a house
  3. Change diet to exclude dairy (I think it’s giving me stomachaches)
  4. Try to date
  5. Study Japanese (undecided on taking JLPT in December)
  6. Go to more baseball games
  7. Donate to charity and volunteer my time

Those are the main goals. I don’t have any plans to travel yet, but if the opportunity arises I would love to go to Orlando and visit Harry Potter World. I’m planning a big trip in 2018 so I need to save my money.

I am really dreading trying dating again, but I got a subscription to a paid website for Christmas. It’s only for 3 months. I think I’ll activate in March when the weather starts to get nice again. I haven’t tried a paid website yet so maybe it will be a different experience. I don’t really think anything is going to come of it, but as they say, you miss all the shots you don’t take.






2017 New Year’s Resolutions

2016 Recap

Overall 2016 wasn’t that bad compared to 2015. I think I did pretty well on my resolutions, too. I felt so much more focused this year and was able to have more fun.

A look back on 2016 resolutions:

  1. Read more books, watch less TV. I’ve already finished one book.

I read lots of books! Go me!

2. Get a raise/promotion or find a new job.

Got a big raise in June and another one in December! Did not feel the need to find a new job and rage quit the old one.

3. Find a nice apartment to go with new job.

No new job so no new apartment. I did look, but no luck there. Now I’m looking for houses near my current job.

4. Pass the highest level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

Results will come out in February. I studied more this year than in 2014 and 2015 combined though.

5. Make more friends and worry less about dating. I’m having too much fun doing my own thing to let some jerk ruin what I’ve got going.

Made some work friends. Didn’t let dating distract me for almost a whole year (May 2015 – June 2016).

6. Take a trip or two to visit friends and family.

Went to Pennsylvania to visit family and Washington D.C. to visit a friend. Also went to Japan to see friends.

Other things:

Chicago Cubs won the World Series. Saw Hamilton in Chicago. Took a few trips to downtown Chicago with my new friends. Saw Book of Mormon with my family. Had a peaceful Thanksgiving meal despite the contentious election. Shook Barack Obama’s hand when he visited my hometown. Read some amazing books that I will want to re-read again and again. Read my first full novel in Japanese. Went to The Little Mermaid at the municipal opera with my aunt, cousins, and little cousins.

That’s it for 2016.

2016 Recap

Happy Anniversary to Me

This month is an important anniversary for me. Five years being single! That means no long-term relationships. Around this time five years ago the guy I wanted to marry and have kids with refused to get on a plane to come visit me while I was living in Japan. No one has ever lasted more than a few dates after that. All of the guys I have fallen for have disappointed me since then. I’ve probably hurt some people too, that goes with dating and rejection, but I’ve never tried to deceive someone or manipulate someone. Quite a few things have been learned. I learned I’m very career minded and it’s hard for me to compromise on that. I learned that while a lot of people are ok with not having kids, I need to have at least one. I learned that traveling is addictive and I’m always planning the next trip. And a few solo trips taught me that it’s possible to go to a new place by yourself and have fun. Overall I know what I want to accomplish, and the fun part is figuring out how to do it.

To celebrate I treated myself to a new piece of jewelry (I collect jewelry like some people might collect shoes or fancy handbags).


I also took myself on a dinner and movie date. I ate at a restaurant by myself then watched a movie. It’s a little hard for me to go to a crowded restaurant by myself but this time I didn’t have a bad experience. Movies are easier because no one is looking at you in a dark theater.

I had a great day and I’m glad I didn’t spend it in the house all day. Hopefully in five more years I’ll be able to celebrate with my little one. Or maybe get a babysitter and treat myself to some alone time. Who knows what my life will be like in five years.





Happy Anniversary to Me

Working for the future

The year is almost over and I feel like I’m making progress toward my dream of becoming a mom.

I tried dating again and was not very successful. No surprise there though. The last guy I dated broke up with me for reasons outside of his control (illness in the family), so I decided to end the year on that note and not try to date anyone new right before the holidays. The next best time to start dating someone is right after New Year’s, then after that right after Valentine’s Day. Those are two holidays that motivate people to start dating again. I might be waiting for them when they do. Depends on how I feel.

After the last foray into dating ended I kind of feel like it’s time to stop putting it off and buy my first house. If I really want to be a mom in 2020 I need to get settled somewhere first and have some savings ready. Every time I start dating a new person I think I put my life on hold because this one could be “the one.” But I don’t want to keep waiting to buy a house with a guy because it might never happen, and then I’ll be in a situation where I have to put a down payment on a house the same year as starting fertility treatments. That would be no good. I’m in no rush and I have some ideas how I’ll one day be able to afford a mortgage and daycare costs on one income (hint: rent out part of the house).

Besides that, I’ve just been reading books and studying. In a couple weeks I’ll take the big test I’ve been studying for all year. I won’t know the results until February. I hope I pass, if not they don’t offer the test again until next December.

One good thing is that I made some new friends this year. They’re mostly work friends, but where else do adults meet new people? We take trips and watch movies together, and they’re pretty nice.

About five more weeks of the year left, then time to make new resolutions.

Working for the future