I got a puppy!

I have been putting off making this update. I got a puppy at the end of May and it has been a really busy 6 weeks since then. I knew having a puppy was going to be hard but I wanted a puppy so bad that I didn’t think about how hard it would be. She is full of energy and always wants to play. She is teething and chews on everything, including me. She hasn’t had any training but I will take her soon. Luckily she is a very sweet dog and I haven’t had any big behavioral problems. The worst is when she is playing and those sharp little teeth nick my skin or my clothes. All of my lounge clothing have holes in them and she has ripped two work shirts. I am running out of clothes!

I can’t wait until she is a big dog that likes to hike with me at the park and then come home and cuddle on the couch! She is growing really fast right now. Every day she looks a little different. Every day her behavior gets a little better, too.

This weekend I had an eye infection and taking care of her was hard. Sometimes I have to just give up and let her do what she wants, like dig in the yard. I’m feeling a little better now, but it’s hard not being able to rest. I can’t take my eye off of her!

This experience is making me evaluate my plans to have a baby on my own. A puppy is very different from a baby, but a lot of people have told me there are similarities too. If this is my life with a puppy, I’m sure a baby will be even more difficult. In a few months I will probably forget how hard it was. And every once in a while I catch myself thinking “I still want one.” Also, “I want another puppy.”

I got a puppy!

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