House stuff 2

I am settling into the house. So far no new animals in the house, though I did discover there is a chipmunk living in the landscaping outside. The neighbor’s cat loves sitting by the hole waiting for him to come out. I don’t think the chipmunk is going to come out of the hole and walk right into the cat’s waiting mouth. I can’t tell that to the cat though. I’m glad it’s not a rat. I didn’t want to see a rat.

This week I did a diet with no processed foods, only healthy food that I made at home. My coworkers also started a jogging club so I exercised with them for 3 days. I think it’s a good lifestyle change. Of course I still had some chocolate here and there, but I think it really motivated me to stop drinking diet soda. I replaced it with carbonated water. I’d really like to get my high blood pressure down, quitting soda is a big part of that.

I had a big spending week. I had to buy new walking shoes and new work pants. I wear things until they are full of holes and then replace them, but unfortunately the shoes and pants wore out at around the same time. Hopefully I get my apartment deposit back soon. I also got a new bed set to go with my new bedroom theme. I wanted to sell some stuff in a garage sale and see if I could make some money, but turns out my brother is going to need a bunch of stuff for his apartment soon. He helped me move and he’s a poor college student right now, so I will give him my stuff so he has something decent for free.

I am looking at puppies but I can’t get one until after I come back from my trip at the end of this month. I want to spend as much time with the puppy after I get it as I can. I am looking at a litter that was born at the end of February, right around when I closed on my house. They will be 8 weeks old soon and ready to go home. Hopefully there are still some puppies left when I get back from my trip. I am very excited to finally get a dog. I always had dogs growing up and I have really missed having a furry companion. It will be hard not to get two! But I think I can resist.


House stuff 2

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