House stuff

I feel like I’m driving my parents nuts constantly calling them about my house, so I’m going to have to write some stuff here just to get it out. I wish I had someone to live with that I could talk to… Anyway. After I moved in I discovered that the refrigerator was broken. I called my home warranty company and they sent a service technician. I was hoping it was a simple fix, but the repair is basically the cost of a new fridge. So I talked to the home warranty company again and they are giving me some money toward a new fridge. They would have repaired it with no cost to me (except a deductible), but the repair wasn’t scheduled until April 7th. I was already without a fridge for a week, I couldn’t imagine going two more weeks with no fridge. So yesterday after the technician left, I found a fridge I liked and got it scheduled for delivery this Monday.

Leading up to this I spent all week worrying about buying a new fridge and just couldn’t find anything that I liked. Somehow the stars aligned and I found a fridge that had all of the features I liked and needed that was a reasonable price. Home ownership is stressful! There has already been some tears driving home from the home improvement store. I’m so glad I’ll finally have a working fridge on Monday.

This house is going to be keeping me busy for as long as I have it I think. I am obsessed with home improvement and interior design now. The home improvement store has become my favorite place to shop. Usually I am very stingy with my money, but I have no problem spending money on my house. Within reason of course. Right now I am trying to convince myself that I don’t NEED real marble in my house… but it’s so pretty!

I’m almost completely moved in, but a lot of stuff is still in boxes. The old apartment needs to be cleaned top to bottom before March 31st. I think I will get my deposit back in full, my landlord is super nice and they’ve always complimented how well I treated the apartment. As soon as I get the deposit back I will start paying off the new fridge.

I’m going to have to write more in this blog so I can vent about the house and save my parents’ sanity.

House stuff

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