Happy Anniversary to Me

This month is an important anniversary for me. Five years being single! That means no long-term relationships. Around this time five years ago the guy I wanted to marry and have kids with refused to get on a plane to come visit me while I was living in Japan. No one has ever lasted more than a few dates after that. All of the guys I have fallen for have disappointed me since then. I’ve probably hurt some people too, that goes with dating and rejection, but I’ve never tried to deceive someone or manipulate someone. Quite a few things have been learned. I learned I’m very career minded and it’s hard for me to compromise on that. I learned that while a lot of people are ok with not having kids, I need to have at least one. I learned that traveling is addictive and I’m always planning the next trip. And a few solo trips taught me that it’s possible to go to a new place by yourself and have fun. Overall I know what I want to accomplish, and the fun part is figuring out how to do it.

To celebrate I treated myself to a new piece of jewelry (I collect jewelry like some people might collect shoes or fancy handbags).


I also took myself on a dinner and movie date. I ate at a restaurant by myself then watched a movie. It’s a little hard for me to go to a crowded restaurant by myself but this time I didn’t have a bad experience. Movies are easier because no one is looking at you in a dark theater.

I had a great day and I’m glad I didn’t spend it in the house all day. Hopefully in five more years I’ll be able to celebrate with my little one. Or maybe get a babysitter and treat myself to some alone time. Who knows what my life will be like in five years.





Happy Anniversary to Me

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