Working for the future

The year is almost over and I feel like I’m making progress toward my dream of becoming a mom.

I tried dating again and was not very successful. No surprise there though. The last guy I dated broke up with me for reasons outside of his control (illness in the family), so I decided to end the year on that note and not try to date anyone new right before the holidays. The next best time to start dating someone is right after New Year’s, then after that right after Valentine’s Day. Those are two holidays that motivate people to start dating again. I might be waiting for them when they do. Depends on how I feel.

After the last foray into dating ended I kind of feel like it’s time to stop putting it off and buy my first house. If I really want to be a mom in 2020 I need to get settled somewhere first and have some savings ready. Every time I start dating a new person I think I put my life on hold because this one could be “the one.” But I don’t want to keep waiting to buy a house with a guy because it might never happen, and then I’ll be in a situation where I have to put a down payment on a house the same year as starting fertility treatments. That would be no good. I’m in no rush and I have some ideas how I’ll one day be able to afford a mortgage and daycare costs on one income (hint: rent out part of the house).

Besides that, I’ve just been reading books and studying. In a couple weeks I’ll take the big test I’ve been studying for all year. I won’t know the results until February. I hope I pass, if not they don’t offer the test again until next December.

One good thing is that I made some new friends this year. They’re mostly work friends, but where else do adults meet new people? We take trips and watch movies together, and they’re pretty nice.

About five more weeks of the year left, then time to make new resolutions.

Working for the future

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