Early Morning Thoughts

Wow it’s so much fun to look back at old posts and see what I was doing and thinking in the past.

Right now it’s 2 am and I’m wide awake because I accidentally fell asleep around 7 pm yesterday. Whoops. I think the heat is draining all of my energy.

I bought flight tickets to visit my friend that moved far away. I’ll go ahead and say the city is Washington, D.C. I got tickets on sale (again) and have a friend’s place to crash in, so super affordable! I can’t wait to see all of the museums and soak in the history while I’m there.

I had a fun day of doing nothing planned yesterday that was derailed by a phone call from my mother. There’s a boy in my hometown that my family seems to think I should get to know. I don’t even know that he’s interested in me. I don’t even think I would like him. But now I have to hear, “Did you call him yet?” all the time. I doubt she does this shit to my brother. She needs to find someone else to live through vicariously. I was upset for the rest of the day, a little bit at her for bringing it up again, but mostly at the pressure society puts on people to couple up, especially women.

Early Morning Thoughts

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