What a weekend!

This weekend I unexpectedly came across very cheap tickets to Tokyo on priceline… and yada yada yada I’m going to Tokyo this year! I hadn’t really expected that to happen, but I’m really looking forward to it and very happy with the deal I got. Motivated by my upcoming vacation, I managed to file my taxes and I’m expecting a nice return to help with the costs of the trip. Tonight I even did some freelance translation work so I can afford more delicious food and souvenirs.

After I booked the trip I got out my passport and of course it expires pretty soon. I sent it off to be renewed today and it was actually very scary! What if it gets lost in the mail? That passport has been with me traveling to different countries for 10 years, it was hard to give it to strangers. I’m weird, I know.

Besides booking an international trip, I did laundry, went grocery shopping armed with tons of coupons, and watched movies on my couch. I don’t think I’ve felt this much like a mature adult before. Despite having the same job and apartment, I’m in a completely different place than last year.

What a weekend!

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