Loving the single life right now

I’m thinking about letting my subscription to the SMC forum expire this year. I’m in such a good place right now. I used to log on and research the TTC path whenever I felt hopeless about my love life. Now my work is busy and I’m learning new things; I made a friend who lives in town (and works at the same place as me in another department) and we hang out and do stuff together. The other day I thought about getting back into the dating game, but then I remembered the hours I spent crying in 2015 and kind of shuddered… no thanks! I am getting lots of questions about dating from friends and family though, and I’ve told them I might try to date again this year after Valentine’s Day.

What I’m really more worried about is getting in shape for an upcoming physical. Ten weeks and counting down! I’m trying to remember to take my blood pressure medication every day, and cutting back on caffeinated soft drinks. I already cut out my favorite breakfast item, bagels and cream cheese, and replaced that with a granola bar or smoothie. I’m focusing on low sodium and nutrition. If it’s high in sodium, it’s probably not good for you anyway. I want to try to lower my blood pressure naturally and if I’m lucky not need the medicine anymore. Losing weight isn’t my main goal, but it will help me control my blood pressure.

So for now I’m only worried about health and keeping up this good mood streak. Hoping for a happy 2016!



Loving the single life right now

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