Major Setback

After two months of waiting, I finally heard back about the job I interviewed for. Unfortunately I did not get the job. I had been hoping for it because it paid so much more, was more secure, and had better benefits. I always imagine too far into the future, too. I was already looking for houses in good areas and thinking how I would decorate. Now back to the drawing board. Hopefully this does not delay my dream of becoming a mom in 2020. I am now brainstorming ways to get a different job that pays better than I what I do now. I don’t have very many skills and I’m afraid I’ll spend the rest of my life in entry level jobs. I could go back to school, but taking on debt in this economy doesn’t seem like a wise idea.

On top of this disappointment, I had a rough day at work. My coworker can’t do his job right and passes his mistakes on to me. I’d love to quit and never go back to that place, but it would look bad on my resume and they probably wouldn’t give any good recommendations if I left them high and dry suddenly.

As for dating, I am trying to ease myself back into it. I am listed as looking for new friends online, and that is getting some responses. Start as friends is best I think from now on.

That’s the most recent development in the mess that is my life. Wish I could just hop in the car and drive until I feel like stopping, but life has other demands.

Major Setback

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