Change is on the horizon

I didn’t have a great week. The kind of work I do is really boring, basically sitting at a desk all day editing spreadsheets, and the human interaction I get is by talking to my coworkers sitting next me and across from me. Well, I got into an argument with my coworker on Tuesday. By Friday it had not gotten better. He basically seems to be going out of his way to annoy me, make fun of me, argue with me. I’m used to being the butt of jokes (I’m only 5 feet tall and my hair is unmanageably curly, so I look like a hobbit with a bird’s nest on her head) so I can usually let stuff slide. But if I can’t get along with the only person I can talk to all day, that really bothers me. I almost miss working in retail and talking to customers! So by Friday night I was in tears and ready to quit my boring job. Amazingly, I got an e-mail that day offering an interview for a position I applied to in August! It’s completely different from what I do now, and not really in line with what I’m hoping to do in the future, but it pays more and is with a really great organization. If I’m going to stare at a computer all day, I may as well make more money.

The timing is not great. The job is in a different city. If I got the new job I would have to leave my current company after being with them for less than a year. I don’t really like doing that, but how can I pass up a job that pays more and has room for upward mobility?

Well, the more I think about it now the more I like the idea of learning a new trade and making more money at the same time. Anyone with a high school diploma could do my job. I need to do something that requires skill, knowledge, creativity, and has room for promotion. I’m starting to remember why I applied in the first place.

Change is on the horizon

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