Second Date

It looks like I’ll be going on a second date tomorrow with my new guy. I was really nervous texting him after our first date to see if he wanted to hang out again. Waiting for him to text back I prepared myself for rejection. Luckily I heard back from him and we have been talking a little bit almost every day. I still haven’t put his name in my phone though. In the past I’ve been on lots of first dates, sometimes second dates, and rarely a third date. Even though it’s sometimes me rejecting the guy, it still sucks because that’s another guy that wasn’t my ‘one’ yet. It’s hard to believe that there are people my age who are married, home owners, and having kids, and I’m still stuck at square one. Renting an apartment, single (not even in a relationship in my late twenties!) and kids are a distant dream. At least I don’t live at home with my mom and dad anymore. Dating during that time was difficult! And I have my back up plan of being a single mom by choice. Wish me luck for tomorrow! It will be raining all day so not sure how much fun we can have on a rainy day.

Second Date

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